Syllabus Upper-intermediate B2.2

Communicative Objectives

  • Express causes, reasons, results and purpose
  • Talk about feelings, character and personality
  • Talk about qualities of people and objects
  • Describe cities and landscapes and express their impressions of them
  • Talk about beliefs – Express positive, negative or neutral feelings about something
  • Talk about general conditions and requirements


  • Vocabulary related to personal and affective relationships
  • Urban tribes – Verbs followed by a preposition
  • Vocabulary to describe cities and the topic of travel
  • Politics and society -The education

Grammar Points

  • The Subjunctive in relative clauses: Present Perfect Subjunctive + quienes, aquellos que, todo aquel que, el/la/los/las que
  • The Imperfect Past Subjunctive
  • Uses of POR and PARA – Subordinate relative clauses: Correlation of tenses
  • Connectors : add, refine, contrast and deny information -Relative clauses: que, quien/es, cuyo/-a/-os/-as
  • Relative clauses and participle constructions
  • Verbs of perception and understanding + Indicative / Subjunctive
  • Impersonal SE and passive SE se valorará…
  • The infitive and the gerund and their compounds