Syllabus Pre-intermediate A2.2

Communicative Objectives

  • Talk about the clothes you´re wearing. Compare clothes. Buy clothes in a shop.
  • Express desire. Ask and give permission.
  • Express actions happening at the time of speaking.
  • Offer food and drinks. Accept or reject them.
  • Congratulate people on their birthday. Ask when somebody´s birthday is.
  • Talk about past trips. Express opinion and ask questions.
  • Talk about someone life. • Ask for a favour, help and how to borrow things.
  • Express rules and regulations. Ask if something is allowed


  • Clothes and accessories.
  • Shops
  • Useful phrases used in a shop.
  • Presents
  • Food and drinks
  • Expressions used to congratulate someone.
  • Travelling and holidays
  • Accommodation
  • Places
  • Sports and free time activities
  • Verbs used in biographies.
  • Rules and regulations

Grammar Points

  • Dialogue in a shop.
  • Comparative structures: ‘más…..que / menos…que/ tan…como…’
  • Verb ‘Llevar’
  • Direct object pronouns: ‘lo, la, los, las‘.
  • Expressions: ‘¿Puedo + infinitive?’ ‘¿Se puede + infinitive?’ ’¿Me das…? / ¿Me dejas…?’ ‘Estar + gerundio‘
  • Prepositions: en, de.
  • Past Tense: Pretérito Indefinido (Regular and irregular verbs)
  • Imperative affirmative + Direct object pronouns.