Syllabus Pre-intermediate A2.1

Communicative Objectives :

  • Personal introduction: explain who you are.
  • Describe your house, where it is and why you like living there
  • Talk about free time activities and frequency
  • Talk about likes and dislikes
  • Express agreement and disagreement. Justify opinions
  • Talk about the weather.
  • Ask and say the time.
  • Describe your neighborhood. Positive and negative aspects.
  • Talk about your daily routine.
  • Ask about likes/dislikes and daily activities.
  • Maintain a basic conversation.


  • The house
  • Furniture
  • Adjectives to describe places
  • Sports • Free time activities and hobbies
  • Public places
  • Days of the week
  • Months and seasons
  • The weather
  • Daily activities

Grammar Points:

  • Verb ‘gustar’
  • Verb ‘Ser’: Descriptions
  • Verb ‘Estar‘: Location
  • Verb ‘Haber’: Express existence
  • Prepositions • Adverbs of place.
  • Revision of question words: e.g. ¿dónde?, ¿cuál?, ¿cómo?, ¿por qué?, ¿qué?….
  • Adverbs of frequency •
  • The time
  • Connectors
  • Present Tense: regular and irregular verbs.
  • Reflexive verbs (regular and irregular)