Syllabus Pre-intermediate A2.3

Level Pre-intermediate A2

Communicative Objectives

  • Have a phone conversation.
  • Talk about shows: times and places.
  • Do an invitation. Accept or reject. Talk about preferences.
  • Ask about existence and location of public places.
  • Give directions to go to a place.
  • Talk about your last weekend. Ask and express opinion.
  • Describe objects, what they are made of and functionality.
  • Describe people, places and things in the past.
  • Talk about actions in the past.
  • Describe someone´s character.


  • Useful phrases used when talking by phone.
  • Invitations: shows, times and places.
  • Revision: days of the week
  • Trips and holidays.
  • Public places and transport
  • Free time activities an sports
  • Objects: shapes, materials and specific characteristics.
  • Physical appearance
  • Adjectives to describe character

Grammar Points

  • Expressions: ‘Querer + infinitive / Poder + infinitive’
  • ‘Ser +bueno/malo’
  • ‘Estar + bien/mal’
  • Present tense: Irregular verbs.
  • Verb ‘Preferir’
  • Comparative and superlative
  • Possessive pronouns
  • ‘Ser para + infinitive / Ser + material / Ser + Possessive’
  • Past Tense: Pretérito Indefinido (3º Person Irregular verbs)
  • Imperative affirmative + OD
  • Indirect object pronouns
  • Pronouns OD + OI
  • Past Tense Pretérito Imperfecto (Regular and irregular verbs)