Syllabus Intermediate B1.1

Communicative Objectives

  • Express ability to do something.
  • Describe and talk about daily actions in the past.
  • Talk about an action occurred at an specific time in the past and express actions that only happened once.
  • Make future predictions.
  • Express conditions and its consequences.
  • Make comparisons.
  • Ask and provide cultural information.
  • Narrate past events and personal experiences.
  • Express happiness, satisfaction, sadness and surprise.


  • Varieties of Spanish
  • Vocabulary related with Spain and Latin America
  • Cultural information
  • Friends and love
  • Adjectives to describe personality
  • Different ways and phrases used when meeting people
  • Personal relationships

Grammar Points

  • Expressions: ‘Desde + fecha/mes/año/…..’
  • ‘Pretérito Imperfecto’ and ‘Pretérito Indefinido’.
  • ‘Pretérito Imperfecto de estar + Gerundio’.
  • ‘Futuro Simple’.
  • ‘Si + Presente de Indicativo, + Futuro Simple’.
  • Comparative and superlative.
  • ‘Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto’.
  • Indefinite quantifiers: e.g. ‘alguien, nadie, algo, nada, etc’.
  • Verbs and expressions with prepositions .e.g. ‘alegrarse/ tener ganas/… + de +infinitive’.