Spanish Course Online For Complete Beginners

Speak Spanish with Confidence: Beginner Spanish Course Online, Via Zoom, 15 Weeks, April 2024.

Imagine yourself ordering delicious tapas in Barcelona, or chatting with locals in South America? It’s closer than you think! This beginner-friendly Spanish course will unlock a world of new experiences and boost your confidence. Don’t wait any longer – Start Your Spanish Journey Today.


Your Spanish course online for complete beginners is divided into tree blocks, every block last for 5 weeks, two hours a week, for a total of 10 hours per block.

The price for every block is 149.00 GBP, so the total price for the three blocks of five weeks, (30 hours) is 447 GBP.

But today we have a special offer for you, you will only pay a total of 299 GBP for the three blocks, so you will save, 148 GBP.



Your Spanish course online for complete beginners is online via Zoom, for 15 weeks, 2 hours a week, as soon as you book, you will receive a link to join your classes online, your teacher is native, professional and experienced.

All the material for this course is included, you will receive your book at home, via Amazon to the address provided in your registration. The maximum amount of student per group is 10.

Places are limited, book now to secure your spot!!!


The curriculum of your Spanish course online for complete beginners is designed to help you gain basic proficiency in Spanish, covering essential topics like greetings, vocabulary, grammar, and culture.

Your Spanish course online for complete beginners is divided into three blocks:

I – BLOCK 1:

Unit 1: Let’s Get Started!

  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Master greetings and basic communication
  • Learn the alphabet and pronunciation
  • Explore Spanish-speaking countries and cultures

Unit 2: All About My Class

  • Discover the difference between masculine and feminine nouns
  • Form plurals like a pro
  • Expand your vocabulary with colorful words
  • Learn about common professions

Unit 3: Numbers & Routines

  • Count from 0 to 100 like a champ
  • Master everyday verbs in the present tense
  • Describe your daily routine
  • Learn how to say “I have…”


Unit 4: My Neighborhood & Home

  • Explore vocabulary related to your surroundings
  • Describe your city and home in detail
  • Understand the different uses of “hay” (there is/are)

Unit 5: Time & Reflexive Verbs

  • Tell the time like a native speaker
  • Learn the days of the week
  • Discover the world of reflexive verbs
  • Master the present tense of reflexive verbs

Unit 6: Daily Life & Preferences

  • Navigate prepositions like “en” (in), “de” (of), and “para” (for)
  • Understand the difference between “ser” and “estar” (to be)
  • Express your likes and dislikes
  • Learn how to order food at a restaurant


Unit 7: Let’s Have Fun!

  • Talk about your hobbies and free time activities
  • Discover the world of Spanish tapas
  • Learn how to ask for things politely

Unit 8: Family & Fashion

  • Learn possessive adjectives to talk about your family
  • Expand your vocabulary with clothing items
  • Sing along to the iconic song “Me Gustas Tú” by Manu Chao

Unit 9: The Present Perfect & Beyond

  • Unlock the present perfect tense to talk about past experiences
  • Learn the months and seasons of the year
  • Explore weather vocabulary
  • Take a virtual trip to the Dominican Republic!

Unit 10: Past Vacations & Wrap-Up

  • Master the past tense (preterite) to tell stories about your vacations
  • Sing along to the popular song “La Bilirrubina” by Juan Luis Guerra
  • Celebrate your achievements and reflect on your learning journey.
  • End of your course level A1

This curriculum provides you with all the Spanish you need to open up a basic conversation, you will have full control of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation to navigate everyday situations.

Imagine yourself ordering delicious tapas in Barcelona, or having captivating conversations with locals in Latin America.

Don’t wait any longer! Book your free Spanish trial lesson now, and take the first step towards achieving your language goals.

See you online!

¡Buen aprendizaje! (Happy learning!)

Syllabus Free Spanish Course Beginners



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They commonly mentioned that those books were difficult and challenging. That’s when I decided to write my own book, completed with easy lessons, specific vocabulary, useful conversations and readings, clear grammar explanations, and enjoyable listening practices.

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Syllabus Free Spanish Course Beginners


Leo spanish teacher

Leodannis Peña is an accomplished language enthusiast and educator, with a particular passion for the Spanish language. He studied Modern Languages at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) in the Dominican Republic, where he honed his linguistic skills and developed a deep appreciation for the value of multilingualism.

In pursuit of his love for languages, Leodannis founded My Spanish Lessons Ltd, a highly regarded language school in London, UK, dedicated to teaching Spanish and other modern languages. As the founder, he is committed to sharing his passion for language learning with others.

In addition to his academic background, Leodannis has attended a range of educational workshops in Spain and the UK to further enhance his teaching abilities. These workshops have contributed significantly to his teaching method, enabling him to impart knowledge effectively and efficiently to his students.

As an online Spanish teacher, Leodannis has become an exceptional practitioner, thanks to his academic understanding of modern languages and his expertise in teaching Spanish as a second language. Moreover, he has authored the “My Spanish Lesson: Curso de Español para Extranjeros A1,” a comprehensive course aimed at helping learners master the Spanish language.

Through his dedication to language teaching, Leodannis has helped countless individuals achieve their language learning goals. He continues to be a valuable resource for anyone seeking to develop their language skills, whether it be in Spanish or other modern languages.

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