Meet your Teacher

Meet your teacher:

My Spanish Lesson Ltd

Is a team of passionate linguaphiles based in Central London.

My Spanish Lesson Ltd would be nothing without our dedicated and professional team of experienced language teachers.

Our online Spanish and French courses are entirely shaped by them and their passion for creating a positive learning environment for all of our students.

We operate from our central London offices, where every member of our team is either a French or Spanish native speaker.

Over our years of experience, our team of knowledgeable teachers has taught thousands of students from all over the UK with very effective outcomes.

We all take a great deal of pride in what we are able to achieve.

It is because of the amazing team that we can proudly say we are your best choice for Online French and Spanish lessons.



Leodannis Peña Fortuna

Leodannis studied Modern Languages at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) in the Dominican Republic. It is this passion for modern languages that led Leodannis to establish My Spanish Lessons Ltd, as he aimed to pass on this love of the Spanish language, and other modern languages, to others. Leodannis has also complemented this academic background with a number of important educational workshops in Spain and the UK. These workshops have helped to build up the foundations of his teaching method, achieving with these the most valuable knowledge in terms of teaching Spanish as a second language. Through this academic understanding of modern languages, with a focus specifically on how to educate others about their use and value, Leodannis has become an exceptionally skilled Spanish course, online teacher.

Marie Connan
French Teacher

Marie also has an academic background in modern languages, studying French studies in Grenoble, in France. She then completed a master’s degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language, allowing her to excel in passing on her language knowledge to others. Marie has over 10 years of experience in teaching French and has done so across Europe, teaching students in Spain, France and the UK all of the joys of the French language. Marie is proud to take her teaching expertise to a much wider audience by teaching French lessons online.

Our experienced and passionate team are ready and waiting to lead you on your language learning journey. If you are looking to learn Spanish or French online, we are the best choice for your modern language lessons. Get in touch today to discuss what our team can do for you.

Alexandra Pérez
Spanish Teacher

Alexandra has an academic background in education with a master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a second language. She studied in Spain, where she achieved her QTS Certificate.

She has also an extensive experience as a Spanish teacher, both online and one to one tuition.

She discovered her passion for teaching her mother tongue when she was teaching for a charity in England. This experience changed completely her life.

She takes into account the needs and goals of her students and works hard with them to get the most of them, which increases their motivation and allow them to enjoy the process of learning while developing their communication skills.

Agusti Guerrero
Spanish Teacher

Originally from València, Agustí studied Journalism at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Spain) and has a Master in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (Spain).

It was in London where he qualified as a Spanish teacher, after completing his CLTA in Spanish. Since then, he has been teaching various sized groups and individuals at different levels in a wide range of schools and academies, both online and in person. with more than 5 years of experience, he has developed a real passion for teaching.

He enjoys all aspects of teaching from lesson planning and classroom management, to carefully adapting materials to suit the needs and level of the learners. Furthermore, his experience in journalism has given him a solid background in dealing with people of diverse ages and cultures, and the necessity to work as part of a team.

Laura Gonzalez
Spanish Teacher
"¡Hola! Teaching has been my passion since I was 13. As a native Spanish speaker, sharing the love for my language and culture makes me so happy. I was born and raised in Toledo (a city close to Madrid) and I studied my degree on English Studies in Madrid where I learned how to teach modern languages to non native speakers and after that I moved to London and studied my MA on Applied Linguistics and Communication at Birbeck University.
I love teaching Spanish and I also make sure my students have fun while their learning because I think motivation is key. Also I try to bring much of my culture into the classroom as much as possible, as well as typical expressions that you wouldn't normally learn unless you live in one of the Spanish speaking countries. 
I believe that learning a new language can bring so many new opportunities into your life as well as friends and it also improves your memory. Besides, I love seeing the improvement that my students make through weeks and how their self-confidence builds up. 
Finally, learning a language that have different sounds and rules can be challenging and quite intimidating sometimes when it comes to public speaking. So, I always make sure the atmosphere is great so that my students feel comfortable and they know they will not be judged if they make a mistakes".
Gabriel Mancebo
Spanish Teacher

My name is Gabriel and I am originally from Toledo a city with a great medieval history and famous Spanish writers such as Cervantes.

I have moved to London ten years ago where I continue my studies and achieved a BA in Business Management and Finance from Buckinghamshire University. 

I am recently studying a Diploma in Education and Training along with the QTLS certification (Qualified Teaching Learning and Skills) from the Society for Education and Training (SET) where my area of specialisation is Spanish as a first language along with French as second basic language and Biology and allows me to teach from fourteen years old to adults. 

Furthermore, I am a member of the Department of Education (DfE) where I have been placed to further achieved the PGCE with the QTS for secondary schools.  

Teaching Spanish has always been an interesting role that I have always dreamed of since I was a teenager, as I am a person that loves traveling and learning other languages and cultures. 

Marites Lozano
Spanish Teacher

Hola a todos, my name is Marites Lozano. I am from Madrid. My family is originally from the Philippines. Therefore, Tagalog is my second mother tongue.

As I love to travel around the world and learn new languages, ten years ago I decided to settle in London and continue my studies.

In addition, during my instances in London I achieved my second degree in Bachelor of Art in International Hospitality Management at Buckinghamshire University and recently I enrolled at Empire College London where I am recently studying a Diploma in Education and Training with QTLS certification in Spanish.

I love to teach, and I have a lot of fun with all my students. I hope to see you soon at My Spanish Lesson.


Sofía Mesa Giner
Spanish Teacher
Hi! I am Sofia and I am a dedicated Spanish native ELE Teacher offering years of experience in education, I am a resourceful and passionate educator with an adaptable and approachable style. My expertise includes Montessori, Dharma, and Gamification of Learning. I shift teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' needs. I am caring and enthusiastic with demonstrated skills in language teaching.
With my experience and credentials, I am highly prepared to dedicate myself to the highest standards of Spanish instruction. I have a degree in Fine Arts awarded by Gloucestershire University and  I am continually attending professional development seminars to remain abreast of new technologies and alternative delivery methods; integrating tools such as hand-outs, presentations, videos, online activities, and foreign language laboratory offerings into classes.

Throughout my life, I have done and continue to do a comprehensive research into alternative and innovative Education.
It is my goal to combine my range of experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent teacher who will make a positive contribution to your education.
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