Syllabus Spanish Course Online.

What can you achieve with your Syllabus Spanish Course Online?

With a package of 10 hours, you will be able to complete a full level breakdown. For example, if you are a complete beginner, you can complete the level Beginner A1.1 with ten hours.

For intermediate level B1 or higher, we recommend you  15 hours per level breakdown.

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Syllabus Complete Beginner A1.1

  1- UNIDAD 1 - INTRODUCE YOURSELF. WELCOME TO THE SPANISH COURSE LEVEL BEGINNER A1.1. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE SPANISH E-BOOK BEGINNER A1.1 Introduce yourself ¡Hola! Me llamo..., Greetings, Personal pronouns. UNIDAD 2 - THE ALPHABET. The Alphabet, Spelling ¿Cómo se escribe? Countries and Nationalities, The verb to be, How to use it in Spanish (Ser …

Syllabus Spanish Beginner A1.2

UNIT 1 - PLACES IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Welcome to the course Spanish Beginner A1.2. Download Your Free Spanish E Book Exploring the City: Vocabulary and Expressions for Describing Places in Spanish UNIT 2 - DESCRIBING YOUR HOUSE IN SPANISH. Describing your house: Objects in your house in Spanish UNIT 3 - TALKING ABOUT THE TIME. …

Syllabus Beginner A1.3

Communicative Objectives Maintain a basic conversation. Talk about weekend activities and frequency. Talk about your job. Express positive and negative aspects. Talk about different means of transport. Advantages and disadvantages. Ask about daily activities and frequency. Express ability and knowledge. Express agreement and disagreement. Justify opinions. Talk about your last weekend, explain what you did …

Syllabus Pre-intermediate A2.1

Communicative Objectives : Personal introduction: explain who you are. Describe your house, where it is and why you like living there Talk about free time activities and frequency Talk about likes and dislikes Express agreement and disagreement. Justify opinions Talk about the weather. Ask and say the time. Describe your neighborhood. Positive and negative aspects. …

Syllabus Pre-intermediate A2.2

Communicative Objectives Talk about the clothes you´re wearing. Compare clothes. Buy clothes in a shop. Express desire. Ask and give permission. Express actions happening at the time of speaking. Offer food and drinks. Accept or reject them. Congratulate people on their birthday. Ask when somebody´s birthday is. Talk about past trips. Express opinion and ask …

Syllabus Pre-intermediate A2.3

Communicative Objectives Have a phone conversation. Talk about shows: times and places. Do an invitation. Accept or reject. Talk about preferences. Ask about existence and location of public places. Give directions to go to a place. Talk about your last weekend. Ask and express opinion. Describe objects, what they are made of and functionality. Describe …

Syllabus Intermediate B1.1

Communicative Objectives Express ability to do something. Describe and talk about daily actions in the past. Talk about an action occurred at an specific time in the past and express actions that only happened once. Make future predictions. Express conditions and its consequences. Make comparisons. Ask and provide cultural information. Narrate past events and personal …

Syllabus Intermediate B1.2

Communicative Objectives Express future plans, wishes and probability Talk about future actions Describe someone´s character and talk about relationships Express affection, happiness, sadness, anger, fear, shame, nervousness, etc. Describe a problem and ask for help and advice Advice and suggest Ask for favour, help, permission and objects Ask questions and requests Transmit information and requests …

Syllabus Intermediate B1.3

Communicative Objectives Describe a city Advantages and disadvantages. Express opinion, agreement and disagreement. Justify. Talk about past actions and its length and actions that happened before another one. Talk about simultaneous past actions. Make future predictions and express possibility. Express certainty or lack of certainty. Describe gestures, manners and behaviour. Talk about social norms. Express …

Syllabus Upper-intermediate B2.1

Communicative Objectives Express happiness, sadness, shame, surprise, worry and explain the reason Form hypothesis about the past Express hope, thank and cheer up Talk about ecological problems and suggest measures to solve them Express causes and consequences Emphasise and reformulate information Express possibility Explain past events and news Transmit what the others have said Vocabulary …

Syllabus Upper-intermediate B2.2

Communicative Objectives Express causes, reasons, results and purpose Talk about feelings, character and personality Talk about qualities of people and objects Describe cities and landscapes and express their impressions of them Talk about beliefs - Express positive, negative or neutral feelings about something Talk about general conditions and requirements Vocabulary Vocabulary related to personal and …

Syllabus Upper-intermediate B2.3

Communicative Objectives Express affection, likes and dislikes, fun, boredom, Express our impression of somebody else and explain changes experienced by people Express changes of mood, nervousness, annoyance, embarrassment, fear, sadness Describe a person physically Express preference, requirements, essential conditions Express improbable wishes Complain, claim, excuse Describe problems Express regret and disappointment Vocabulary Character Relationships Feelings …

Syllabus Advanced C1.1

Communicative Objectives (Syllabus advanced C1.1) Communicate our feelings and emotions using idiomatic expressions Describe the qualities of different animals Express our intentions, goals, and plans Discuss about the Spanish language Tell past conversations Express improbable wishes Discuss about non-verbal communication Debate about social topics Talk about Spanish movies Vocabulary (Syllabus advanced C1.1)  Feelings and emotions …


Our Spanish conversation lessons online are designed to help you to improve your Spanish, with a native, professional and experienced teacher.

You can take your lessons online via Zoom, from the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are. We highly recommend these lessons if you are planning to travel or do business in Spain or Latin America.

Book your Spanish lessons from anywhere in the world. Please, do not forget that your lessons will be done in the London time zone.


All the materials are included in your pack, you will receive a color book, and an Ebook via Amazon, and a folder, a pad note and a pen, via post. Moreover, we will give you access to our platform, where you can continue practicing your Spanish in your free time, for free.




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Syllabus Spanish Course Online

The material is included in the price.

You will receive at home, via post: An original colour book, a PDF grammar book, a pad note, a folder, and a pen, so you will not need to worry about anything to start, only your desire to learn and enjoy our lessons.

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