Communicative Objectives (Syllabus advanced C1.1)

  • Communicate our feelings and emotions using idiomatic expressions
  • Describe the qualities of different animals
  • Express our intentions, goals, and plans
  • Discuss about the Spanish language
  • Tell past conversations
  • Express improbable wishes
  • Discuss about non-verbal communication
  • Debate about social topics
  • Talk about Spanish movies

Vocabulary (Syllabus advanced C1.1) 

  • Feelings and emotions
  • Opinions
  • Animals and idiomatic phrases
  • Movies
  • Gestures and cultural misunderstandings
  • Experiments with animals
  • Historic people and events
  • Spanish proverbs

Grammar Points:

  • Difference between ‘Indicativo’ and ‘Subjuntivo’
  • Uses of the ‘Subjuntivo’ when expressing objectives and wishes
  • Playing with the uses of ‘Subjuntivo’ and ‘Indicativo’
  • Uses of the ‘Subjuntivo’ in order to comment some information
  • Relative sentences using ‘Subjuntivo’
  • Past tenses
  • Conditional clauses
  • Indirect Speech