Proficiency C2.1

This level is for students who have completed at least 300 hours of Spanish, the course takes place over 10 weeks, 15 hours in total.

  • 30- Wednesdays 17:00 to 18:30 (From 09 June 2021 to 11 August 2021) (10 Weeks) Online (£149.00).


The material is included in the price, you will receive at home, via post: An original colour book, a PDF grammar book, a pad note, a folder, and a pen, so you will not need to worry about anything to start, only your desire to learn and enjoy our lessons.

Material included Spanish course online
Level Advanced C1

Communicative Objectives (Syllabus advanced C1.1)


  • Communicate our feelings and emotions using idiomatic expressions
  • Describe the qualities of different animals
  • Express our intentions, goals, and plans
  • Discuss about the Spanish language
  • Tell past conversations
  • Express improbable wishes
  • Discuss about non-verbal communication
  • Debate about social topics
  • Talk about Spanish movies

Vocabulary (Syllabus advanced C1.1) 


  • Feelings and emotions
  • Opinions
  • Animals and idiomatic phrases
  • Movies
  • Gestures and cultural misunderstandings
  • Experiments with animals
  • Historic people and events
  • Spanish proverbs

Grammar Points:

  • Difference between ‘Indicativo’ and ‘Subjuntivo’
  • Uses of the ‘Subjuntivo’ when expressing objectives and wishes
  • Playing with the uses of ‘Subjuntivo’ and ‘Indicativo’
  • Uses of the ‘Subjuntivo’ in order to comment some information
  • Relative sentences using ‘Subjuntivo’
  • Past tenses
  • Conditional clauses
  • Indirect Speech